2023 Groundbreaker Results

Non-BinarySafford, Jesse
W RecW IntW Adv
Brinks, Paige
Darsch, Amber
Heston, Emily
Sinke, Tanya
Hoesch, Megan
Siefke, Lexi
Veldman, Kate
Collins, Sophie
Lobbes, Anna
Rider, Dana
Mcgrandy, Alyssa
Collins, Kelsey
Forssberg, Lauren
Poole, Shanley
Wolthuis, Lydia
Buer, Alyssa
Piedt, Hannah
Reddy, Liv
Galdeen, Teegan
Janes, Daphne
Ciarrocchi, Isabelle
Wolthuis, Elinore
Wenzelman, Britt
Wolthuis, Sophie
Sawicki, Alana
M RecM IntM Adv
Ogilvie, Jack
Wenzelman, Seth
Staal, Keaton
Wolthuis, Blaise
Menkveld, Ethan
Gilliland, Eric
Schreur, Jonas
Ogilvie, David
Mejeur, Jacob
Janes, Teddy
Rider, Brian
Gooding, Matthew
Ennen, Joshua
Petoskey, Carson
Abbas, Joshua
Ruiter, Luke
Wolfenden, Justin
Cramer, Dustin
Smith, Silas Laird
Robins, Jonathon
Throesch, Forrest
Sarber, Graham
Hoogeveen, Bridger
Heston, Cooper
Delemeester, Mitch
Grover, Bryce
Crisanti, Anthony
Dieleman, Jabin
Plackowski, Ben
Hintz, Andrew
Coughlin, Adam
Catron, Jeff
Owen, Sheelly
Catlin, Noah
Vance, Trevor
Bergman, Jack
Stepanovich, Gabriel
Mudd, Mitchell
Page, Blake
Hoesch, Samuel
Blake, Micah
Baars, Brendan
Ja, Eon
Christopher, Jesse
Hall, Charlie
Brown, Dustin
Koops, Ryan
Brander, Benjamin
Yonker, Tom
Koops, Lee
Ludwig, Noah
Anderson, Ben
Bochniak, Eli
Perkins, Dean
Martinez, Dom

Let’s break into a new season.


April 22nd, 2023

As the earth is breaking ground on a new season, we’re getting together to celebrate the Scrapyard community with a little friendly competition. Stretch those muscles and see what all this climbing and training has been about.

2 Climbing Sessions

  • 9:30am – 12:30pm
  • 1pm – 4pm

7 Categories

  • M/F Recreational: VB – V2
  • M/F Intermediate: V3 – V5
  • M/F Advanced: V6+
  • Non-Binary: All ability levels


  • Members: $25
  • Non-members: $35
  • Day of: $50

Sign up to compete

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it called The GroundBreaker?

Breaking ground is about starting something new or looking forward to a new season. Sometimes those new things are big and sometimes they’re not. At Scrapyard, we’re always thinking about what we can do that is new or different, for our gym and the community. This year we’re breaking ground by hosting our first non-binary specific climbing division. It’s part of us saying you belong here to some folx whose voice has sometimes been made small. Maybe someday it won’t be groundbreaking at all.

Why are there 2 climbing sessions?

In an effort to make sure everyone has enough time and space to climb we’re offering two 3-hour sessions. Participants can choose whichever session works best for them. 

What does the schedule of events look like? 

  • Registration/Check-In Opens – 8:45am/12:15pm 
  • Intro/Rules Meeting – 9:15am/12:45pm 
  • Climbing – 9:30am-12:30pm / 1:00pm-4:00pm 
  • Awards Ceremony for all categories – 4:30pm 

Who can compete? 

Anyone can enter! All ages and all levels are encouraged to compete. Climbing competitions are a great way to meet new climbers and hone your climbing skills in a fast-paced and fun environment. 

It’s a kid friendly event, but not an open climbing time. Kids are welcome to compete and then watch, but there will be no open climbing or roped climbing during the event. All climbers must be registered as competitors. 

I’ve never participated in a climbing comp before. What should I expect? 

Upon arrival, you’ll register or check-in and receive your scorecard. There will be an orientation and breakdown of the comp so you’ll know exactly what to do. Be sure to arrive early to give yourself plenty of time to prep. Bring your shoes (rental shoes are available), water and snacks if you’d like – but we’ll have some on hand as well! 

How does judging & scoring work?

The Groundbreaker is a red point competition – which means that climbers can attempt problems as many times as they want. Each problem is valued at a certain number of points, though falls deduct points from the value of the climb.

For each problem, you’ll need to collect two signatures of witnesses that saw your climb for verification. At the end of the comp, all the scorecards are collected and your top five highest scores are tallied to your total score. 

How do I know which category to enter? 

Competitors can sign up in the following three categories: 

  • Recreational (VB-V2) 
  • Intermediate (V3-V5) 
  • Advanced (V6+) 

If you’re somewhere in between and not sure, just pick a category that’s closest to your climbing ability. 

What happens if I signed up for the wrong category? 

If your scores are off the charts, you’ll be bumped up to the next category. No sandbagging allowed – that is, signing up for a category below your skill level. 

I just started climbing a few months ago. Should I enter? 

Yes! The recreational category is perfect for beginner climbers and a great way to be immersed in the world of climbing. Plus, each category has its own set of winners.  

Will male and female participants be competing against each other? 

No, our competition is separated into male and female divisions in each ability category as well as an all-ability levels non-binary category. There will be winners for each division and category. Individuals participating in this competition may do so in accordance with their gender identity.  

What can I win?

For all the categories, first, second and third place winners will receive sweet prizes from our sponsors. 

Can I just come watch and not climb or compete? 

Absolutely! Come join the fun, watch your friends compete, and enjoy the show.