Rock Climbing at Scrapyard Climbing Collective in Holland MI
  • Your Community, Elevated

    Whether you’ve never done any indoor or outdoor rock climbing before, or you’re an experienced bouldering buff, we’ve got something for you at our gym.

  • Rock Climbing Classes

    Rock climbing classes for kids and adults, beginners and pros.

  • Climbing Hours

    Climb, connect, rest, repeat. Here's when we're open for you to come hang out with us.

    Monday 12pm - 4pm
    Monday 4pm - 10pm (members only)
    Tuesday 12pm - 10pm
    Wednesday 12pm - 10pm
    Thursday 12pm - 10pm
    Friday 12pm - 10pm
    Saturday 10am - 8pm
    Sunday 12pm - 8pm
  • Climbing Prices

    Sign up for a class, visit to try us out, or become a full member. Our rock climbing prices are a steal.

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About The Gym

We are a rock climbing gym and sports facility in Holland, Michigan. We’re friendly for beginners (we’ll teach you what you need to know!) and challenging enough for experienced climbers (heel hooks, anyone?). We’ve got:

  • 3,200 square feet of rock climbing walls
  • Newly renovated padded flooring
  • Bouldering, roped climbing, and auto-belays
  • Training equipment, including campus and hangboards
  • The largest 60-degree overhang in West Michigan
  • Tables and lounge space for watching or working