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We Built this for you

Scrapyard Climbing Collective is a rock climbing gym and sports facility located in Holland, Michigan. Our goal is to provide West Michigan with a place for people to climb, test limits, learn and be active in a supportive and welcoming environment.

Reservations Required for Non-Members

On Saturdays and Sundays


We are a home grown rock climbing gym and sports facility that is friendly for beginners and challenging enough for experienced climbers. Our facility features:

  • 3200 square feet of climbing walls
    • Bouldering
    • Roped climbing
    • Auto-belays
  • The largest 60 degree overhang in West Michigan
  • State of the art, newly renovated padded flooring
  • Training equipment, including campus and hangboards
  • Tables and lounge space for spectating or working


Learning is a big part of what we find valuable in rock climbing. We have classes and programs geared toward all types of climbers. Our offerings include:

  • After-school kids climbing programs
  • Basic skills and introductory technique lessons
  • Intermediate climbing movement classes
  • Advanced training classes
  • Personalized training programs

Complete our waiver now, so you can get right to climbing when you arrive!