About Scrapyard Climbing Collective

Scrapyard Climbing Collective is the product of almost 20 years of learning, dreaming, experience, and hope. Founded in 2018, we are a collection of individuals committed to the idea that we are better together and that rock climbing has a uniquely engaging power to draw people together and bring out the best in them.

We have a collective passion for community and group development, building excellent climbing experiences, teaching and leading individuals and groups. We believe that rock climbing, and Scrapyard Climbing Collective specifically, has the power to change the way people interact and view the world. Is it a lofty vision, maybe, but we think that changing the world doesn’t have to be global in scope. If we can change the way people view themselves, their community, the people around them, then we’ve made a step toward changing the fabric of our world.

Scrapyard Climbing Collective. Priviate lessons with school kids


The word “collective” doesn’t represent a legal distinction or organizational structure for us. We are not a co-op or non-profit climbing gym. Scrapyard Climbing Collective is a climbing facility that chooses to see our greatest opportunities not in the amount of revenue we can generate but by the number of people we can engage. Each person that visits or joins us becomes a part of it all. “Collective” describes our values and our approach to doing business.

It is our goal that this place will represent the diverse Holland community and provide a place for belonging and connection based on shared experience and mutual support. It is our hope that this place will help change the shape and scope of the world one climber at a time.



Contact us any time. If you don’t reach us right away, we’ll get back to you ASAP.