The Scrapyard Bouldering League is an 4 week competition that rewards personal achievement rather than climbing grades. Every Tuesday from 7pm-10pm, teams of 4 climbers pick up their score cards and hop on the week’s newest problems. Teams will be scored and compete against one another for 4 weeks and winners will be announced at the end of the 4th session. So, assemble your climbing cohort and bring your best effort, because Bouldering League is for all the glory! Enjoy friendly competition and try for top spots, amazing prizes, and the envy of rock enthusiasts near and far.   Don’t have a crew? Not to worry! We’ll help you meet new folks by connecting you with existing teams in need of more allies. Contact us below and let us know that you’d like to be added to a team.  $15 per person for members; $25 per person for non-members


  • 4 participants per team
  • Co-ed league, no male/ female specific categories
  • Teams may contain climbers with mixed experience


  • Climbers will establish a handicap during the first week of the league. The handicap is the hardest V-grade that can be consistently climbed in a single session.
  • League officials reserve the right to bump competitors for lowballing their handicap, whether intentional or not. Over the course of the season, competitors will occasionally require handicap adjustment simply because they become better climbers. Handicaps are to be redetermined by league officials, weekly, and will be done after the week’s scoring has been completed.


  • The regular season will consist of 4 weeks of climbing in which team points are accumulated.
  • Competitors will log every eligible climb they complete each week. Points will be awarded and totaled for the top 3 hardest climbs completed. 
  • The weekly team score will be the cumulative score of all of its members. If a member is absent, their average score is used with a 5% reduction. An additional 5% reduction is added for each consecutive week of absence. 
  • The 1st position team at the end of the season will be crowned the Bouldering League champions.

Routes, Rating, Refreshing

  • Each week, the route setters will set a total of 9 boulder problems, 1 at each V-grade up to V8 
  • Climbs will be available for 2-weeks but maximum point values will only be awarded the first week. Details on points can be found in the next section. 
  • Eligible league climbs will span VB to V8 and be marked with a special tag. 

Scoring Points

  • Typical competition rules apply
    • Climbers will gain points by completing a route without falling (redpoint format). Completion is achieved by showing control on the finish hold or a top out. 
    • Static starts only. I.e. hands cannot leave the start hold until rest of body is off the ground but must establish control on the start hold with the entire body off the ground (no hopping). 
    • Volumes & aretes are allowed unless specifically indicated as “OFF” at the start hold. 

The Chart below will be used to establish points based on each climber’s handicap (bold column below).

V-Max (-2)V-Max (-1)V-MaxV-Max (+1)V-Max (+2)
Full Points80 pts90 pts100 pts110 pts120 pts
Flash Pts (+5)85 pts95 pts105 pts115 pts125 pts
Week-Old (-3)77 pts87 pts97 pts107 pts117 pts
Week-Old Flash (+2)82 pts92 pts102 pts112 pts122 pts
2-3 Wks-Old (-6)74 pts84 pts94 pts104 pts144 pts
  • Routes cannot be reclimbed and resubmitted for points after they have been awarded points in a prior week’s league night. 
  • A flash bonus of 5 points is in effect. If you complete a climb on the first attempt, you get an extra 5 points. 
  • No deductions for falls. Try as many times as desired without penalty.
  • After the first week, eligible routes may be re-climbed for a 3-point deduction off the full value.
    • All week-old climbs receive the deduction, whether a competitor completed them previously or not. 
    • A flash bonus may still apply. For example, if you don’t attempt a route one week because it looks too hard or were out of town but try it and flash it in its second week, the total points awarded will be: Regular value – 3 pts for being old + 5 pts flash bonus. Total points = Full Points +2
  • Climbs may only be attempted for points during the designated league time.
  • At the end of each climbing session, competitors will submit a small paper log to the gym staff. It will include the following information.
    • Climber Name, Team Name, Route #s completed and Flashed or not 
  • The gym staff will manage a digital score sheet which will be submitted to League officials on a weekly basis.