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COVID-19 Updates

August 30, 2021

As COVID-19 numbers rise in Ottawa County, we have been anticipating the return to wearing masks in our facility in coming weeks. As a facility with the advantage of large rolling doors and high airflow, we are essentially a hybrid indoor/outdoor space, making the urgency to requires masks slightly lessened. Based on the new CDC and MDHHS guidelines recommending masks for all individuals in an indoor environment, we encourage the use of masks by everyone in the facility though we will not require them while we are able to keep our doors open.

We will be requiring masks from 4pm-6pm Tuesday – Thursday beginning Tuesday, September 7th, when we anticipate having a larger number of young children in the gym due to after-school programming. 

As we have done since the beginning of the pandemic, this decision is based on recommendations from public health professionals. Just as you trust us to be experts in mitigating the risks of climbing, we look to our public health professionals for their expertise in this context. As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions, comments and concerns to