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At-Home Training Resources

We are all stuck at home, so we’ve done some research and pulled together a variety of resources that you can use to train at home. There’s A LOT of information out there right now. These are the few we think are the best.


In case you don’t notice from the resources below, we really like Dr. Tyler Nelson at Camp 4 Human Performance. He has way of taking current research and presenting it in understandable and actionable ways for us mere mortals. Here are a few places to see what he has to say about training.


The Simplest Finger Training Program –

In this article, Dr. Tyler Nelson outlines an effective but easy-to-follow hangboard protocol based on the latest sports science research on isometric muscle contractions. Tyler believes this program is suitable for climbers of all ability levels, and you don’t need anything other than a hangboard! 


At-Home Strength Training for Rock Climbing – Outside Magazine

This is a great summary of a simple finger, arm, and core training program. Believe it or not, do this and you will return to the gym as strong or stronger than when the shutdown began.


Climbing Training during COVID-19 –

Trainingbeta’s Matt Pincus put together a great article about finger and overall strength training that you can do at home. It incorporates info from Tyler Nelson’s article above.


Top 12 TrainingBeta Resources for Training at Home During Covid-19

Well, it turns out TrainingBeta already did this and here is their list. Great hand, finger, and overall strength resources here. 


Reach out to Josh with any questions.